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. with a great catch. and the cincinnati reds would suffer an injury on this patch. you thought that it could be worse but he left with back spasms. they thought that the giants could have perhaps something. and the cincinnati reds still. with two-run the towards brandon phillips was relatively clear of the game. and the post-season with to-nothing. with a 3-rbis. and he came giving up another run. to the deepest part with a 3- nothing = cincinnati reds and cane. 16 innings. and the bottom of the fourth, matt. giving some help from the defense. joey. to double and buster posy. he got a home run on the first pitch of the sixth inning. put the giants on the border three-nothing = cincinnati. and the bottom of the inning. and wring them up! strike three. >> it is kind of a death stair . and also, with the 100 m.p.h. buster posy, it was came over. five-two = final score. and cincinnati let us hear from cain and the other giants. >> they were not shutting us down the state were trying to get osset done. and we have to get things done. and finally get some runners. and we still feel pretty good abo
rates keep well in nine batches the well as cincinnati made. the cincinnati reds relief that the five series 2-to give up gains tax-pepper and now team in the national meet the line new kind dan hurd: when i was a child, california was a leader in education funding. erika derry: and the fact that california isn't making it a priority frustrates me. dan hurd: i'm ashamed of that, and i don't want this to continue for my daughter. brenda kealing: prop 38 is going to bring a lot of money to our schools. suzan solomon: the money stays at the school site. cade derry: what i would really like to see is that the teachers... that were laid off come back to the school. navaz hurd: a smaller class size. navaz hurd: as a mom i want that. as a teacher i want that. prop 38 is an opportunity of a generation. >> welcome back to the kron for a morning news we've been tracking the hot spots in san francisco. i one of a large to the fact that the accident has just concluded from the lanes. at the seven street offer of we have cruisers. the accident was southbound it backed up the traffic of wear around
park this afternoon. giants open up play offs at home tomorrow against cincinnati reds, the game is tomorrow. game 2 as well on sunday. giants headed back to post season or play offs for the first time since they won world series in 2010. fans are excited. one woman we talked to even had her hair painted in honor of the giants. >> got the orange, white, black, i'm ready. i'm ready. >> you're pumped up? >> yes. i'm ready for a good season, post season. they're going win again. >> reporter: you are guaranteeing it? >> yes, of course. it's a repeat of 2010. >> come down here, get some stuff, get geared up for the game, get all excited, you know. get ready for the play offs. >> reporter: this will be a huge weekend also for the bars and restaurants near att park. we watched as workers were preparing for the crush of giants fans expected this weekend. businesses bring in extra employee to his handle the crowds. we stopped by tres bar and restaurant a block away. the head chef told us he expects to win as many as 4 times as many tacos as normal. >> we are expecting 1000 people saturday
. it did not go well. with nine-zero = one will score. the cincinnati reds take a 2-0 in the best of five games. and the final three games with tuesday been the next game. today is a travel day. > after searching "craig's list" and no luck on finding tickets for the giants. fans like claudia came to at&t park one hour before the game to try to get tickets at $90 each. >> hopefully it will happen and we can get in there. >> i got the shirt and everything hopefully that i can make it in there. >> are you going to purchase from a scalper? >> i'm not going to spend more than $45. because it is very unpredictable. >> are you desperate enough to use a scalper? >> and others did not use a scalper. >> some found a pair of tickets in other ways. >> ...i got tickets from a friend of mine. >> i had a phone call unexpectedly yesterday and they said, "do you want tickets?" i still had to pay. but it was the best experience, ever. we are very, very excited. >> i received an e-mail from the giants and they said that we have got tickets if you want to be entered into a lottery for the playoffs? i said, s
of cincinnati reds but he also likes the chances of the san francisco giants. >> what do you think that is the key? >> the minds of the airport play and we're not alone. >> they caught a break. when the reds all-star pitcher, johnny took to the mound after eight different pitches. he was taken out of the game. right now, it is not capitalized but they still have plenty of work to do for the rest of the game. >> the blue angels, the america's cup, the bluegrass festival, the playoffs. . jeff pierce joined thousands of spectators tried to get a part of the action. >> traffic approaching the bay bridge was moving quite rapidly. tamil tickets. >> and nobody wanted to have a car in san francisco this weekend. >> blue angels! >> blue angels! >> blue angels! >> purchase a ticket and go on the stand by. >> they've waited in long lines at the ferry with this service was trying to get people on board with their record to try to see airplanes or fly balls. >> this is crazy. >> still, there are seats available we are going to make this in and out. >> the lines for even longer from jack london
of beating the cincinnati reds in a historic play off come back. the nationally has never seen a team down 0-2 and come back to win. it was amazing to watch. >> here's some reaction. jheering--cheering what happened here i cannot be prouder of a bunch of guys to come in here and do what they did. >> that is quite a task it was going against all hot and they found a way to get it done. polling with the grand slam and a nail biter at the bottom of the night when it looked like the reds made tied up in the giants pulled out the victory that will play in the washington accord signed louis those two teams will be battling out today. you will find out if we will play at home on sunday for a way. we're also continue to tarack gas prices in san francisco prices are $4.71 per gallon and oak and $4.64 per gallon down won a couple of pennies for $63 cents in san jose as well prices are headed in the right direction and see if they will fall in the course of the weekend. as turn our attention to whether. >> what is in store foy expecting an all-around mild afternoon cloudy, cool, but dry and that widesp
series this year. we'll begin with the giants, san francisco invited the cincinnati reds over for game one of the nlds this evening. giants ace matt cain starts tonight, the reds sent johnny cueto to the hill. first pitch 6:37, amy gutierrez has a preview of the giants playoff fever. >> reporter: henry, thanks so much. and fans hoping to hear about more information regarding that giants starting rotation, they're going to have to wait a little bit longer. bruce bochy held a press conference, still hozs has not named his starters for cincinnati. we'll continue to follow that for you, one of our top story lines we're watching. another story line happening today, the return of dusty baker, of course the giants manager from '93 to 2002. he just returned back to the reds monday after suffering a mini stroke. he continues to be a beloved figure in the bay area. he's from sacramento and it's fair to say he feels the same about the folks in the bay. >> doesn't seem like ten years ago my boy was 3 years old, being pulled off the mound, lets me know i'm getting a little older. >> had a chance to
during fleet week, tune into kron 4. also, the cincinnati reds will be playing. with a mixture of clouds. 73 greece and the san jose. upper 70's. 73-that degrees in san jose. and what we do know is that we will see 70's for the north bay. '70s in petaluma, and novado and 73 san napa. will be very similar of of the week would seek breaks of sunshine. with sunday, more cloud coverage as that storm will slowly approach the bay area. bringing us a chance of rainfall monday, tuesday. go to our new channel. comcast 193 for the latest news, weather and traffic updates. >>pam: developing use a high school volleyball coach is behind bars accused of having a sexual relationship with a student. this volleyball coach at this high school was in lafayette. j. r. stone has new details. >> we have learned of this case and the last couple of hours. this coach is believed to of a sexual relationship with the student for one year. i told this news to students, teachers on the principle when the teacher-one the principal came after me. >> he is not a teacher. he is a volleyball coach were to to have to say.
a's. the giants had a two-on victory over cincinnati. the cincinnati reds still have a 2-1 lead in the series. the division seriories. the oakland a's took game 3 of the trip in detroit. it was a sellout crowd at the coliseum pence coming out to show the support. we will with them on and came for today. baltica quick break the we have more headlines 6 c1 >> and are back at 4: 10. it was from alcoa the dow lost about 110. with the news. 13,00474 with a lever that it ended. nasdaq lost about 47. as well. 14 points i two in the day. wall street is expecting it to break-even. we will be watching stocks ominous kron 4 news the reason for the fall for international monetary fund then released a report warning that market confidence continues to fault fed on debt crisis in the fiscal click here in the nine states. that phrase refers to seven trillion thousand tax increases and spending cuts that could start to take effect in january unless congress acts in the meantime. toyota announced in a global recall due to a power when the problem. if the recall includes a variety of models to hi
. it will be the first time the giants returned to at&t park with a comeback against the cincinnati reds. they will play the st. louis cardinals. just one game away from the world series is exciting for fans. to try to win if their second world series in three years. madison baumgartner on the mound and certainly this is going to be a lot of fun for fans. will see if they can make another run for the world series. >> have you seen any giants fans out there this morning. >> there have been a couple off this one of hi this morning. certainly, there are already preparations under way. you can figure in just a few hours there will be out in full force. getting ready very early. >> the first game of seven, we hope of seven games to thank you, michael. some giants games are willing to plaa pay at and from $100 to $10,000. believe it or not. and we spoke with some fans. >> will have perfect seats at home on the our big screen television. >> we have some pretty strong secondary market. with this market it should be exciting. it could be a difficult to get to get. >> also great for the highlights for
cincinnati reds became really a defensive dual. red ended up with 4 heather. giants 3. 2 of them came in the tenth inning and scored the winning run. reds still lead the series 2-1. tomorrow game 4 starts at 1:07. go giants and a's tomorrow. >> more to get to tonight. school budget at the mercy of of voters this november it seems. proposition raise taxes and fund schools. we look tonight at how they differ and why the opponent plan could be pilfered by politicians. >> also here. former coach sandusky sentenced to decades in prison. the victims response and why sandusky attorney says he lost the case. >> accu-weather forecast cente center. not only a chance of showers developing by tomorrow but maybe even thunder showers. accu-weather forecast coming up. >> thanks experience. also tonight. old and hidden note discovered in yosemite national park. connects 2 people 40 years apart. how the stories years apart. how the stories >> that is the sound of about 100 canister of eevter blown up today in calistoga. the crate of canister found yesterday by a cleaning crew at the napa
to the cincinnati red at at&t park. the red beat the giants 9-0. the giants must now win three games in a row and great american ballpark in cincinnati. >>> well, mostly sunny. a few low clouds around. i will tell you, this morning, it was cold around the area. had some 30s, even some 40s. but we have a lot of sunshine there. you can see a few of those patchy clouds around. overall, also a westerly breeze. temperatures kind of cooling off a few degrees from sunday. we had a little warmup. a low responsible for finally to beginning to pack its bags. it doesn't look like it will visit us. maybe the eastern edge of it. but it's going to slide down the coast. as it does, it could give the santa cruz mountains some light shower activity. that would be tomorrow, not today. yesterday, 76. livermore, gilroy, today we're going 71, 72, 73 degrees. about 4 to 5 degrees cooler for most locations. one 70 at antioch. just right at 70. close for napa airport and fairfield. a lot of 60s. everyone is pretty close. 62 to 70. so coast, bay, inland, not much of a difference. still a westerly component. so a sea
start their postseason run at home saturday. they're in a best of five series taking on the cincinnati reds. game time set for 6:30. game two also at home. that will be on sunday. then game three, they take the series out to cincinnati. that will fire up on thursday. >> got to consider him a true athlete. >> he was banged up last year. >> christina loren joining us to talk about the forecast. >> lots happening, including the giants' playoff game. i'm feeling really good about it. of course, we're the proud home of the giants. we're going to get to the forecast in just a minute. probably noticed the cooler weather today if you didn't notice it yesterday, i'm certain you did today. low clouds situated over the bay bridge. and already seeing some action out there on the bay. america's cup, that's coming in this weekend. we have fleet week taking place, the bluegrass festival and of course the giants all in san francisco on saturday. so weather is going to come into play. looks like we're going to be cool and cloudy. this is the last day we'll be enjoying the upper 60s at this hour. just t
injury. >>> the giants will go up against the cincinnati reds and the former manager dusty baker. game one is saturday night at 6:30 at at&t park, game 2 also there on sunday. then the division serieses will move to cincinnati. >>> this has been a big week for bart with two of its busiest days of all time occurring back-to-back. the 5th highest ridership ever occurred yesterday with 426,948, people hopping trains, you may remember the as were playing there, oracle opened world and america's cup yacht races were underway. >>> tuesday was the 6th busiest day with 419,755 riders. >>> early morning bart commuters had a rough ride though in the east bay this morning. around 4:45 a maintenance vehicle went off the tracks between macarthur and 19th street stations. that caused delays system wide. >> it goes with the territory. you know bart mainly is you know, clean, safe, efficient economical way to get to work, you are just going to have to understand sometimes there will be mechanical error. >> bart had all of it's trains back on time by 7:45 this morning. >> just a couple of days ago temp
as the cincinnati reds have a 2-0 series lead into game 3. first pitch today in cincinnati will be at 2: 37. it's san francisco this see a gain for the manager says that last canterbury zito will it the start. >> let's turn our to to the market's quick look at the stocks. stocks-to close floor on wall street. no big surprise. his look at the numbers. tracking down the stocks were worries over forecasted corporate earnings. and slow growth in asia. the dow and the nasdaq both down more than 20 points. a s m p was downed over just five points. the sea eagle of american airlines acknowledges that passengers have had a rough operation performance is improving the airline will get past this rough spot. this rough spots includes a rash of passenger seats that have come loose off the floor. it has on four separate flights than one has been under bankruptcy protection since december. the airline has cut flights as well and had a reserve crews and extra planes to cover a last minute to size. alaska airlines says its computer connections have been restored and operations have returned to normal. the prob
two years ago. >> they will host the cincinnati reds saturday and sunday at at&t park for the best of five series. and the team will move to game three and game four if necessary. if there's a game five, team would come back to at&t park. >>> these photos came in the afternoon, showing younger aged fans and their moms much the kids are able to say, baseball history. send the photos and the dramatic win. e-mail at photos at post them directly and we may post some of their photos during the broadcast. >>> there's an officer-involved shooting. news chopper 2 flew over the cal train. what we've been told, the san mateo transit officer fired his weapon while the train was in san jose. we've been told one person was wounded and we do not know that person's condition. >>> a mistrial was declared in the federal cocaine fraud trial of the former crime lab technician. according to the juror, debra madden took cocaine from a lab. the jurors couldn't agree whether placerville proved, hearing of deception. a hearing has beep set, including a possible retrial. >> the oakland police dep
wrapped up with the niners with another win, and in just over an hour the giants take on the cincinnati reds and while a's fans are standing behind their team despite playoff loss in detroit. [cheers and applause] >> ama: the a's had their moments today but the cheers died in the end. the green and gold is coming home to oakland, down two games to none in their play yeah -- playoff series. mike shumann will have the details ahead in sports. >> we want to see your postseason pride, you can e-mail your photos or share them with us on facebook, or on twitter, abc-7 7 news bay area, we'll be showing some photos on the air throughout the playoffs. >>> president obama is coming back to the bay area tomorrow in his latest effort to raise campaign cash. the first event is 4:00 p.m. at the intercontinental hotel in san francisco, followed by a dinner and concert reception at the bill graham auditorium beginning at 5:00. the fundraiser will include a performance by john legend. before coming to the bay area the president will be in california to announce the establishment of the cesar chavez nati
the cincinnati red was disappointing but it was only game one and no one seems to be worried how the giants will do the rest of the series. >> the giants have the biggest heart out there, and the best talent, too. so, i think they're going to do great tonight. >> they're going to win tonight and go back to cincinnati and win there. yeah. it will be good. >> the giants have always come back and won, and we're good on the road, too, so each game is an individual game. so everybody has their day, and i think today is the day. >> i'm excited. we got bum barner -- bumgarner pitching tonight. >> i thought there was a lot of breaks that went the reds' way last night, and the giants, if everything works how it has worked all season, we're going to have a great day. >> so a lot of positive thinking here at at&t park. game three will be held in cincinnati on tuesday. giants fans really want to see their team going into the game 1-1. live at at&t park, lillian kim, abc-7 news. >> ama: we want to share your giants and a's fan photos. take a look at this one. so cute with the little a's hat and the big
tonight with a thrilling win over the cincinnati reds in game three of their divisional series. the game went to the 9th inning tied 1-1. buster posey scores from third base. sergio romo came in at the bottom of the tenth and shut down the reds to preserve a 2-2- 1 victory. that reenergized giant's fans many of whom descended to sports bars across the area to watch the game. there's a lot to be hopeful for right now lorane b lanco has the story. >> reporter: just a few fans stuck around to celebrate and have a drink. it's a sill quiet right now but just a little while ago when the giants won there was a fan explosion. giant's fans knew this game was do or die being the best of five scenario. so the atmosphere was very tense. people were literally shaking here at pete's tavern. when the reds got their last out fans slipped out for one recently engaged couple it was almost tragic. one a reds fan, the other a giant's fan. >> so you can sleep in bed tonight. >> we were just talking about that. give it up to the stats. we got the hits when it mattered. we didn't bunt. it was a huge bunt by be
teams in the playoffs. >> rolling and it's caught! >> an error by the cincinnati red led to a giants ago extra- inning victory. the final was 2-1 in ten innings. the giants edged the reds 2-1. game four starts at 1:07 this afternoon pacific file and the as will play tonight after almost avoiding elimination -- time and the as will play after almost avoiding elimination. >>> and coco crisp took away a home run from prince fielder. that was in the 2nd and oakland will go on to win 2-0 in front of a sellout crowd. the two teams play again tonight with the first pitch set at 6:37. >>> it's exciting. i don't have to go far now. >>> a target store is opened in san francisco for the first time. shoppers may be happy. we'll tell you what a few people are saying about this. >>> and mark tamayo will tell you about your weather today. >>> and why firefighters are walking the streets today asking for the public's help. mmm! fresh! and it's been in the closet for 12 weeks! unbelievable! unstopables! i'll show you how! ♪ just shake them into the washer i can't believe this lasts 12 weeks! neither ca
francisco giants pulled out a big game. they finally came alive in game 4 and beat the cincinnati reds 8 to 3. the giants' offense came up big with three players hitting home runs. starting pitcher barry zeno was saved by the stem lipscomb. he came in and his and struck out six people. >> we knew of timmy would play a critical role in this series which he did tonight. i know part of it was tammy buying into what we were doing and saying i just wanted to anything i can to make the ballclub when. -- tammimmy >> that all comes down to game 5 which is this morning and just a few hours at 10 07 a.m.. the winner will move on. >> the oakland a's will live another day! >> i can't get enough of that video they're going crazy. they came down to the bottom of the ninth with two outs. they have 14 walk off lands during the regular season so it's just par for the course. of course it would take to the bottom of the ninth with a big hit from coco crisp. game 5 is scheduled for 6:37 p.m. this evening against the detroit tigers. will tran is out there right now and that is where fans are going out of th
out as the giants defied the odds beating the cincinnati reds in an historic comeback. the first team in national league history to win three games in a row after being down 2- 0 as they come back from elimination. >> will have it coming up for you the next hour. the giants moved on they will >> our top story a far burning in san francisco's west portal neighborhood. it is in a commercial building at 9 west portal avenue the fire broke out around 5:00 a.m.. now it has gone to a fourth alarm led see why it is growing. for our sole reporter is live. every more firefighters to help out. >> yes there about 110 cafe and theon st. just up westport has been damaged but no injuries. they're having a difficult time because of the location being on the corner spreading up to the attic crudes are having a difficult time putting the fire out. some of the buildings are residential. you can see windows which are actually homes and apartments. everyone was able to get out safely. this is going to impact your morning even if you do not live here in the west portal. you can see the muni station comple
for buster posey! >> his grand slam gave the giants a big lead over the cincinnati red in game five of their decision -- deciding game yesterday. the giants move on to the national league championship series. but the giants do not know who they are gog play. in washington beats st. louis tonight, the national league series start there on thursday. but if st. louis win, the series starts in san francisco on sunday. you can watch the entire n.l.c.s. on ktvu. the winner goes to the world series. >>> happy friday to you. it's a mostly cloudy, cool noon hour around the bay. we will continue to see our temperatures on the cool side for your friday afternoon. giving you a live look over the city of san francisco p.m. the light rain purring off to the east but you can see for yourself an abundant amount of moisture. storm tracker 2 show you all of the cloud cover that remains. the westerly breeze, it's a light one, it will stay with us for today with the mostly cloudy skies breaking away to partly cloudy for am of us. but for the north bay, a mix of sun and clouds will continue for the seco
bochy's team did the same against the cincinnati reds. the 2-2 pitch is outside. a two-out walk. with two down in the inning, blanco coming up, boggs will stay in there and work to the left fielder blanco, who is 0 for 1 with two runs and a walk scored. there goes belt. got a great jump and no throw by molina. stolen base for brandon belt. >> tim: good base runner. twelve stolen bases in fourteen tries during the season. >> joe: now a 1-0 pitch to blanco. rbi chance is easier in that swung on and missed or tipped into the glove of molina, strike 1. 95 for mitchell boggs. that game on sunday night, by the way, will start at 7:00 eastern if there is a game six. here comes the 1-1. popped in the air to left. holliday going back, on the move. he's got it to end the inning! and a nice run-and-catch by matt holliday to end the top of the eighth. an inning that started on a home run by pablo sandoval. he's made it 5-0, giants in game five. down three games to one as we go to the bottom of the eighth. "and then, there's both." "erika tsubaki is a big fan of both." "that's what she and h
the regular season with the best record in the national league. right now they're tied with the cincinnati reds for that best record. we bring in tom kierein. this is something a lot of folks are excited about because it just -- >> it doesn't happen. >> you can't help think about it that way. >> we had a terrific season. to clinch first place. >> if i had some gatorade, i'd pour it on both of you. what a wonderful thing for washington, even though we had rain scattered around the region. >>> take a look now. we do have a big area of rain advancing south to north headed into our area. it's a big area of low pressure to our north moving on in throughout the day. right now all that area in green, that's generally light showers in montgomery county as well as into western fairfax county, loudoun county, the rest of northern virginia. a little heavy rain falling just to our southwest. this area of rain is in rappahannock county, moderate rain there. heading farther to the north and heading to north perhaps fauquier county the next 30 minutes or so. right now around the region, we have temperatu
that feat since the cincinnati reds in the mid-1970s. now, a lot of players probably could have gotten it but giants 3rd baseman pablo sandoval was named most valuable player of the world series and coming up in about 14 minutes, the numbers he put up this most season and -- this postseason and the record he just fell short of reaching. >> people were very happy in san francisco but in some parts of the city the victory celebration turned into and ugly scene. >> we begin with ali. >> reporter: fortunately it was the kinds of damage that was eltifl easy to clean -- relatively easy to clean up. if you look here in the middle of the street, you can see a pile of garbage still out in the middle of the street. that was the burnt out contents of one of the many dumpsters that was lit on fire an on this stretch of road. so far, there are no reports of any businesses damaged in the mission neighborhood. this intersection, you can see open to traffic but it was a very different scene here a few hours ago. police lined the intersection of 16th and mission early this morning. they set up a comma
pending the outcome of the cincinnati red series and the detroit series which could be shifted one hour further than game times for thursday and friday are to be determined and ticket sales for the possibility of an al championship series here in baltimore those tickets go on sale this morning at 10:00 through the baltimore ticket office. hope suppression eternal on this morning where the orioles tying the i did -- springs eternal on this morning where the orioles tying the division with the yankees. >>> today you are invited to a birthday celebration. over 4,000 people have rsvp for kindness for grace. the cousins of howard county student grace mccombas want to mark her 16th birthday by writing kind words through twitter facebook or e-mail and say she would be alive if bullies gave her the same respects. grace committed suicide on easter sunday after months of cyber bullying. >> grace first passed away, we were looking at cyberspace and how much of tool it was and we thought it was abusing the internet when you use it to hurt or bring down someone else. >> her cousins hope to get 1,000
the giants playing the cincinnati reds and the national league playoffs that is saturday and sunday. then there is the hardly strictly bluegrass festival. that is happening in golden gate park. the 49ers will be hosting the buffalo bills on sunday. the italian heritage parade is happening in north beach on sunday. playoff fever is hitting bay area baseball fans really hard as you know. both teams are playing in playoff games this weekend. the fans are just geeked. coming up at 5:45 we'll take a look at how local businesses are benefiting from the great season the ark's and giants have had. >>> to avoid gridlock people are being urged to take public transportation. alex savidge is in oakland as local transit agencies are gearing up for the this weekend. alex. >> bart spokesman told me they are preparing for a record breaking weekend in terms of ridership as people head out to the baseball games, the big concerts, or boat races. bart is prepared they say for those big crowds. just a few hours later on this morning they will be adding extra cars and in anticipation of all the events ov
, the giants are getting ready to host the cincinnati reds in about two hours and we'll hear from both a's and giant fans and a live report in just a few minutes. >>> with all the events going on, everyone is urged to use public transportation because traffic congestion is expected in several areas. let's check out the roadways and see how we're doing. this is a live look at the golden gate bridge. right-hand is northbound, coming into the city, doesn't look too bad. the bay bridge, that's the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza, plenty of room for everybody to sail into the city. if you do drive, the waves traffic app can guide you download at abc-7 abc-7 slash with as and we have a map where you can click on events to avoid traffic hot spots. >> san francisco mayor ed lee says 100 more taxis will be out and about, and b.a.r.t. is operating longer and special event trays and there are more station agents to help, and muni is providing extra service for america's cup and fleet week, including the special l bus service from the'm civic center and van ness station, and there wil
alive in a game for beating the cincinnati reds. the final score 8-3. three players hitting home runs the out that came. starting pitcher barry zero only lasted about two innings. >> the relief pitcher came in and pitched for striking out six here is what the manager had to say about yesterday's big victory. >> when you tell me would play a critical role in this series. which he did tonight. i know part of it was timmy in buying into what we were doing. he sa of thd your deftly think about it is a elimination game one of us to go home. >> at 10: 0 7:00 a.m. it is an early came here around the bay. the giants looked to clinch it all up. we will see what goes on again the winner moves on the loser goes home. >> all eyes on bay area baseball today. >> kind of weird weather today and find out what's in store. >> we will continue to see scattered showers this morning and into the afternoon. tapering off into the evening we will see the fog build a long coast. the system is spinning off that hit a sister day and it is still bringing scattered showers. we will continue to keep those 10th cha
the cincinnati reds in the mid 1970s. >>> bad fans were in the streets of san francisco celebrating the giants, but in some parts of the city, the celebration turned ugly. our reporter is live at 16th and mission where vandals caused damage and destruction. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dave. up until just about an hour ago, there was a huge mess out here in the middle of mission street from 16th all the way up to 24th. right in the middle of the street you can see a pile of garbage that was in one of the dumpsters that caught fire still left out here in the middle of the street. you can see the pavement has been watered down though, and the street is reopened to traffic. this is what caused the mess this morning, rowdy crowds celebrating the giants' victory set fire to at least a half dozen dumpsters. our battalion chief said one of the dumpsters threatened a business next to it, but firefighters were able to put it out. there have been no reports of serious damage to any of the businesses and shops in the miss district. the chief says there were dumpster fires on every block betwe
's a fun time for them. it's not a stressful time. it's what we want to be. >> the cincinnati reds today looking to sweep the giants from the top of the tenth. eight time gold glover scott rolen mishandles the ball at third. that brings in the go ahead run that costs the reds the game. cincinnati still leads the series two games to one. >>> guess what, college basketball right around the corner. lots of buzz surrounding this year's maryland squad as matt tergin enters the called at the helm. the expectations are not just returning to the big dance but also the national prestige. >> i think the national spotlight stuff is coming. i think we all know that. we're going to get better and we're going to continue to recruit. and that's a great job, maryland's a great job. >>> and finally tonight this is in the stupe, crazy and don't try this at home column. this is a bmx biker attempting 80-foot jump. here's the helmet cam. you know what's even more crazy about this? he only suffered seriously bruised heel. no broken bones, no concussion. >> he jumped the ravine. >> it looks like he made the j
world series in three years since the big red machine. the 1925, 1976 cincinnati reds were the last ones to do it. >> two baseball championships in the last three years. >> might be a little hyperbole. people are saying that the giants are the east coast yankees. how about the yankees being the west coast giants. and how about -- i would call ate very solid start and at least one winds-aided home run tonight. >> you had the horse on the mound the guy with the experience, with the risumi, the credentials. that's the guy you wanted on the hill. for matt cain, i thought thinks stuff was good at times. that's the career high. last pitch of the season, 91 miles per hour. he is still strong. >> not too bad. here is a little bit of what matt cain had to say? >> could you have foreseen the series being swept? >> no, with that tigers lineup and what they've done in the postseason, i definitely thought it was going to be down to the wire. it just so happened that, you know, we got kind of hot and scored some right runs at the right time and ended up pulling off some close games. all these games we
that since the cincinnati reds in the 1970s. >>> some rowdy giants fans trashed the street of san francisco overnight. ali rasmus is here to show us what vandals did. >> reporter: well, this is where part of the celebration became very messy, ugly, and smelly, out on 16th and mission, which is behind us. you can see the remnants of one of the burnt-out dumpster in the middle of the street. now, this has been here for several hours. we checked with one of the dpw crews, and i believe the problem is the plastic from one of those bins melted into the asphalt so that's why they are having a bit of a difficult time trying to clear away. there's a police car behind it so some of the cars driving down here don't directly run into it. now, this all started after the giants victory when rowdy fans pour into the streets and within hours, people began setting dumpsters on fire. a fire back tollon chief said there was fires on almost every block from 16 and mission to 24th. one business was threatened, but firefighters extinguished the fire. fans were participating in an unlawful assembly and told to
of the nlds with our giants and the cincinnati reds. same time tomorrow. a little cool were a few patchy low clouds. we expect gametime temperature there of about 62 degrees tomorrow evening. as you look at the temperatures around the bay area, you'll be looking at, again, some misty skies in a few spots as we go through tomorrow morning. and midday we'll see clearing as the low clouds start to back away from the coast there. you see patches of low clouds throughout. and then the low clouds will surge back in as we head towards the evening. 40s and 50s outside tonight. patches of low clouds start to sweep back. in near 70 in san jose. mid-70s closer to morgan hill and closer towards the east bay, we'll see the numbers in the mid-70s. in the north bay, we'll see the highs 60s to near 70 in santa rosa. tomorrow a few extra clouds. a little cooler with areas of morning drizzle on the coast. and the interesting part of the forecast monday through wednesday. that's when we'll see a chance of a few scattered showers. the upper low sitting offshore will move inland leading to a cool week and warmin
. >> same with the giants. they play a must-win game tomorrow after losing last night to the cincinnati reds at at&t park. the reds won 9-0. the giants now have to win three games in a row in cincinnati. ryan vogelsong pitches game two tomorrow. and coming up the rally that will be getting underway for a's fans. we are going to take you there live. >>> indescribable. >> laser danger. the new program set up to prevent laser attacks on airplanes. a chance of sprinkles in the five-day forecast, when you could expect those. blah, blah, blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no, we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver. only from at&t u-verse. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. (car horn) paying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings) that's a step forward. with chase
sports wrap. madison baumgartner would shut down cincinnati's hot bat. reds started getting it down in the 2nd inning. their first scoring was provided by the long ball. ludwik leads the second to make it 1-0 but that was all the reds pitchers would need. arroyo did not allow a pitch until the 11th. allowed just two hits all night. that means the rest was alled padding for the reds. they got three more in the fourth. ryan haddingan drives in two. baumgartner was gone after 4- 1/3. tim lincecum two innings and released, then it was announced he would not play in game three. bruce goes to second with a double. drives in two more. if you want to see any moment that typified how the giants feel about the developments of the last two months that's it. mojara showing you after he comes into the bullpen after being removed. an elimination game for san francisco. mark ibanez is live. no mystery in these two games, giant's bats went quiet at the wrong time. >> reporter: you've seen it before. the giants a couple of weeks to spare. all that momentum has disappeared. people were talking about
. the giants will start at home in a best of five series against the cincinnati reds. game one is scheduled for saturday. game two is set for sunday but a start time is still to be determined. go to including a slide show a fan showing off their a's prize which you'll find right turned photos tab. >>> this post season run could help the oakland a's in oakland. the management and coliseum authority are reporting a negotiated five-year league extension. the chronicle says an extension could include a $50 million fine if the team breaks the lease and leaves early for san jose or some other city. >>> we have some developments tonight in the east bay where there is word of an officer-involved shooting. news chopper 2 flew over the caltrain yard in san jose just minutes ago. we are working to get information, and what we've been told so far is that a san mateo county transit authority officer fired his weapon while the train was in san jose. we've also been told that one person was wounded and has been taken away. caltrain has stopped northbound service in the area not far from the stati
. and the giants open up their post season at home saturday night. they will host the cincinnati reds at 6:30 with the dodgers being eliminated last night. gonzalez 1-1 breaking that high. and with no earned runs. poposey- the giants. saturday, sunday at home. when we come back the biggest arms in the rectory referee the amoun >> amount of people that love our fans, and follow pam and i on twitter. >> wiz you at 11:00 p.m. ♪ just put a little bit of yourself ♪ ♪ in everything you do [ female announcer ] add your own ingredients to hamburger helper for a fresh take on a quick, delicious meal. it's one box with hundreds of possibilities. of green giant vegetables it's easy to eat like a giant... ♪ and feel like a green giant. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant
.m. on saturday and 9:00 a.m. sunday. the san francisco giants will host the cincinnati reds at 6:30 saturday and sunday nights. >>> and if you're going to the games or getting a group of friends together to watch them, send us your photos of the fan frenzy. e-mail us at, or post your pictures directly on our facebook page and you might even see those pictures on the air. >>> another high profile facebook executive is leaving the social networking company, following its disappointing initial public offering. today, facebook confirmed the departure of joe lockhart, the company's head of global communications. lockhart was the former press secretary for president bill clinton. he joined facebook 15 months ago. facebook says the move comes because lockhart decided not to relocate to california, where that company is based. >>> today marks a year since apple cofounder steve jobs died. he passed away after a year's long battle with pancreatic cancer. shortly after news of his death broke, memorials of flowers and candles began popping up outside of his home in cupertino and apple s
there is an autographed he wanted to talk about the confidence that he had with the giants. despite the cincinnati reds. >> just of the new traits, acquisitions. i think that we are going to get it with the new trades. >> did the first game who worry you? >> no. >> fans say that this is not going to be easy but it is tied. with ohio for the next final three games. >> of the fans are going to be loud. and loyal and cheerful. >> the fans have not had much to cheer about. get this. the starter is throwing a no-hitter. the fourth inning. the giants need base hits to avoid losing the first two games. if you saw detroit today? with the oakland athletics losing to the detroit tigers. it is too-0 for their series. and it is too-0 for the series for the oakland athletics against the detroit tigers. and the giants will play the rest of these games in cincinnati. reporting live, kron 4 cured >> still time. gary radnich will be here tonight but also our focus is on the fans. and the biggest baseball fan might not have the giants chance. reggie has more for these illusive giants tickets. >> after searching craigsli
of the play-offs against the cincinnati reds. the crowd tried to cheer the home team on but the giants lost the second game in a row 9- 0. and on the bay a spectacular sight as the america's cup wrapped up its five-day series. fans gathered at the waterfront to watch all the action. take a look. oracle team usa took home their second consecutive win. teams will be back next summer for the america's cup regatta. >>> and this was the sight to see thrust the weekend. there was this distinctive roar in the sky. the blue angels had their aerial display wrapping up the final event. thousands people saw the blue and gold fighter jets travel at death-defying speeds performing risky corkscrews and loops. we were watching. >> i was out on a boat. it was like disneyworld here the whole week. it was so much fun. something going everywhere. >>> fear of gridlock prompted people to take mass transit to all the big events. bart shattered its weekend day record nearly 320,000 rode bart on saturday. and it was not just the threat of heavy traffic that pushed people towards public transit. gas prices also at
last night's 9-0 loss to the cincinnati reds. >> it's nerve racking. i think the giants will come through because of our pitching staff. i didn't expect them to lose the last two games here at home. >> last night may have been the worst shut out in giants' franchise history but fans insist will actually help. >> knock on wood, keep our fingers crossed. >> and supporters of both bay area teams still think there's a chance they'll square off in another all-day world series. >> that would be really cool, earthquake and all. >> it would certainly send through the bay area. in oakland, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> has more play off coverage for you including slide show of some of the games already played. look for the link under the mlb play off tab. >>> the lawyer for jerry sandusky said the former penn state football coach will speak at his sentencing tomorrow. in june he was convicted of 45 counts of child sexual abuse involving ten boys over a status of 15 years. in a radiointerview, sandusky suggested he was innocent and was a well orchestrated campaign by the media and accus
away after evening the series here against the cincinnati reds. the giants got something tonight they haven't got the entire series, incident offense. if you wanted to hear a crowd go quiet it happened when the fans barely got into their seat. pagan led off with a home run. barry zito, first inning, walking in a run but then blocko hit a homer -- blanco hit a homer and tim lincecum came on in relief. he got the win. tim lincecum normally a starter talked about his new role as a reliever. >> knowing your role and knowing you don't have to pace yourself. with that you go in and know i am going to go into the stretch. that simplifies things. like i said, to go into the stretch and think about where i want to throw it. >> those of us who thought it might be a quick stay here, it will be three games. the giants etry to do something -- try to do something that never happened before, no national league team ever came from two games down to win the series. we have more at 6:00 p.m. till then reporting live, joe fonzi, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> four floors of a parking garage collapse at a
with the cincinnati reds. angel set the tone with the home run to start the game. sand value made it a run away with a two run home run in the second. the giants pitching was helped by a strong relief effort. the final score here 8 to 3. the series is now tied two games to two. and, boy, talk about new hope. giants fans are suddenly giddy again. live at at&t park and fans are now believers there may be even more games there after all. >> absolutely, gasia. only four times in the history the team come back from 0 and 2 deficit to win the series. well, tonight the giants giving the fans hope that the next shirt hanging in the team window will say national league champ. >> giants fans in san francisco seem to be willing their team to victory. at public house at at&t park sprang to the tvs, even the cooks stopped cook. everything but baseball ceased to exist. fans tell every home run and every out as if they were the ones personally. >> they were behind two games. >> this was a win or go-home game and the giants aren't ready to go home. >> this is so exciting. it's, like, 2010 all over again. >> th
to know my orange coat is at the dry cleaners and i am not a cincinnati reds fan. >> i was wondering about that. >> i was a little curious. deep inside, she is a giants fan. >> yes, and so is sal. are you going to making it home? >> i will be there, pam. >>> good morning, if you are driving anywhere in the near future, it looks good on the east shore freeway as you head out to the mcarthur maze, no problems as he drive out to the bay bridge toll plaza. no problems getting on to the bridge and into the city. >>> if you are driving on the peninsular 280 still looks nice and fremont traffic is off to a good start as you look to the south bay, it's nice and wide open for you. >>> well, yesterday we had san mateo coasts, things calmed down and it was sunny and warm and here came those clouds, 3:00 or 4:00 in the afternoon right off the sierra, we talked about how they can come from the south or east to west and we found reports of hail and some rain. most of it has moved out to the pacific but it may give us a cloud or two and an isolated shower and there is an extension sufficient fog bank wh
turn around in their divisional series against the cincinnati reds and now find themselves four victories away from a spot in the world series. mvp candidate hit the team's third ever post-season grand slam to take the giants to a six to nothing lead in the fifth inning. got the final out in the ninth to seal a six to four victory for the giants. this marks the first time in the 18-year history of the best of five national league divisional round that the team recovered from losing their first two games to win. >> they didn't make it easy on us those last four innings, but, you know, our staff came up with some big pitches when they needed to, and it's a great feel sglg yeah, we were down. we were never really out of it. our emotions, our feelings, our attitude, we never hung our head. >> after wards the giants celebrateed with the traditional popping of the champagne in the locker room. >> here in the bay area giants fans stopped in their tracks pretty much everywhere to soak up the big win. watched the game with fans in walnut creek where there were plenty of high fives. >> th
. >> the giants are enjoying a day off after the national league division against the cincinnati reds. no, they're going to find out who they will play next. and if the cardinals pulled it out. unfortunately, the season is over for the a's. and they beat him in game 5. to advance to the championship. and the a's at the coliseum cleaning out lockers but they got in the huge support from last night's game. of course, we will have more details and just a couple of moments. >> coming up at 8:00 p.m. a new video accused of killing in east bay retired teacher details on the bonnie and clyde murder suspects. >> this large fire destroyed businesses nt start of the morning commute. what investigators think happened. and did ex-con and pro football player are calling fall over his new pet. my new at 8:00 p.m. at the first look at the suspects connected to the murder of a bay area teacher. this is video from seattle. darnell and tonya washington with their court appearance since being arrested. they found the couple driving a stolen vehicle belonging to the hercules woman. details on how the 55 year-old w
and where it proud. >> you can see if more people purchasing giants here. >> fans say the cincinnati reds gave their giants a scare in the divisional series. san francisco came out on top. >> what are you going to get today? >> and looking for hats fjord >> been nearest clothing store and bolster that theme of orange and black on the sand was cardinals are in town. >> another we can do it again. >> oxford street designer men's wear has been on this street for 20 years. they have seen a pleasant surprise. >> they cannot put a percentage on it but he says that when the giants went so does the register. >> we need the economy to get better. >> the giants are helping? >> yes. it does not hurt that they are also contending for the super bowl. and san francisco, kron 4 >> giants fans lined up bright and early to try to get baseball tickets. but not everybody is going to be lucky enough. from at&t park. we have a team coverage for the demand of giants tickets. >> just one more data before the san francisco giants play the st. louis cardinals. the giants have been sold out for some time season-ti
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